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Would You Marry Yourself?

Happy New Year 2017

Welcome to my blog if this is your first read and thanks for staying connected if you enjoy what I have to share.

I decided to wait a few weeks before putting this out for two reasons. First, I am usually a better resource after the holidays. It sure is nice to blow off some steam and gain a few pounds. Well, unless that is a bad idea. Second, most people are instinctually drawn towards some introspection this time of year.

Historically, I imagine that winter was pretty chill. I am pretty sure that most people spent a lot of time of lying around in silence or walking a trap line alone in silence. Have you ever noticed how quiet the the world gets during a snow storm?

How are you with extended periods of silence and nothing to keep you busy or distracted?

Pretty Chill… Get it? I imagine Winter was a time of laughter and story telling too. Aaaah, the good old days.

Introspection over the long term will either make you, well you. Or it will drive you to drink or distraction. Which brings us to today’s subject. “Would you marry yourself?”

A good question for us all. This is what we focus on in step four of the ‘Give Yourself a Hand” practice. If you haven’t read the last few posts, here is a link to the first in the series. If you would rather not read three other posts today, here is a quick re-cap.

Make a fist and notice your thumb looks like a periscope or and old style flashlight. This reminds us that our instincts can get a bit obsessed with dangers and opportunities.

When you point your finger at something, or especially yourself, you may find yourself to be more judgmental and controlling. If you look at your life with a big picture view and choose discernment over ranting, you will be much more at peace with your life. And peace is the greatest source or energy and inspiration.

Stick out that middle finger at the least conscious relationships in your life. We all get stressed and sometimes we behave more intensely in some way. This is a good time to HALT. Which stand for Hungry, Angry, Lonely and Tired. Next time your inner and/or outer middle finger seems to have moved in, then HALT and check in with your adaptability and resourcefulness. A bowl of soup, a good session at the Gym, a good conversation and a nap can go along way to bring clarity to your mindset, emotional state and your goals.

Honestly, if you are in an intense place right now, you may want to come back to this after some soup, exercise, a chat or a nap. Or, brave on my friend…

Weird question…

Do you remember the last time you had a crush on someone? Remember noticing all of their little quirks and foibles? Remember feeling closer?  Remember the last time you were given a compliment?

Can you have a crush on yourself? Can you feel how potent that would be?

This is the point in the practice when you focus on your ring finger. It represents affection and pleasure. Affection is my favorite form of PLEASURE. What is yours?

So, give yourself some time to get closer to yourself. Everyday, write down something that made you feel some affection and pleasure, especially towards yourself.

With and open and discerning Mind, Heart and Soul and well rested and fed body, you should have no problem falling in love with yourself.

Start with some secret dates. Go to a special place with yourself and ENJOY being with yourself. You could go on a luxury liner or you could go to a meditation retreat (hint, hint). Every week I go for a cup of tea or a mocha and appreciate my life, the people I meet and my place in the world.

As a practice It is something between a Shamanic prayer practice and a deep meditation. The more you feel it in every nerve, muscle, bone and cell, the more you will soak up the benefit and confidence.

Still on the fence?

What needs to change in order to feel closer to yourself?

What do you truly NEED to be more at peace in your life?

Give yourself that! Let me know what happens

Give this a try. This practice could change everything.

I look forward to staying connected and hearing how you are doing. I hope 2017 is the year you make the next big shift in your life.


Stay Present and Be Amazing!


If you are looking for some insight on how to be in a healthy relationship with anyone, check out this podcast.

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