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Why Imagination Matters

I’ll start with a quick story.  This happened a few months back.

Over the the Christmas holidays I sat down to finish the manuscript for my next book, “Ten Steps to Abundant Health”. My son is away for a year and I had a week to myself. I could have partied with friends but the writing bug was whispering in my ear. Funny thing happened, I couldn’t do it. I actually felt nauseous every time I sat down to work on my book. That had never happened before. I took a nap, went for a walk and spent quite a while just looking at the clouds, moon and stars.

Then I remembered that I have always wanted to write a science fiction novel.

I couldn’t get back home soon enough. I sat down and wrote the first 30 pages over the next few days. I had planned out a trilogy by the end of the week. It will be called ‘The Chronicles of Exodus’ and will probably be 6 books by the time I tell the whole story.

Maybe I will never finish the first one. That has to be allowed.  Allowing for failure is very wise, shit happens. But it can be easy to wait like a deer in the headlights to see when failure will finally catch up with us. I don’t recommend thinking about giving up. Not at all!

Staying committed and consistent is the only way that works. I am going to write a Sci-Fi novel. I don’t think I could stop myself even if I wanted to.

I want you to feel the same way about whatever you are passionate about. What is it? What keeps you up at night, dreaming of your dreams? Are you free to use your imagination any way you like?

I truly hope so.

So… This is what I have learned from unleashing my imagination. Being busy for busy’s sake is a symptom of Chronic Distraction Syndrome. (I made that up, BTW). Curiosity, passion and imagination never look for the snooze button. You know – those things people use to turn their minds off, of at least down. Imagine a week without TV, sugar and alcohol. How would that feel?

It feels great to be in a snooze-free zone.

When we are interested and inspired by something personal, we naturally become more interested and inspired by the world around us. People who are really engaged within are also the people who connect with others more deeply. By staying creative and imaginative we are more likely to get involved in doing what we can to make our lives healthier and more productive. My imagination works best when my body is happy, and most bodies wants a lot of movement and time in nature.

Emotions can be like two year old kids. They want your attention and they want it NOW. Becoming more emotionally aware and emotionally intelligent will be messy, like taking care of an unsure and agitated child.  The trick in this metaphor of childcare is to avoid child abuse. Emotions, like children, do not do well with abandonment, punishment, shame or judgement.Do you have time for some inner child care?

Is it time for you to reacquaint yourself with your imagination?

Are you done feeling busy and or distracted most of the time?

Are you ready to feel what you are feeling – since you are feeling it anyway…., even if it sucks at first?

Me too, Lets do this!

What are you passionate about that is just for you?


PS. If you are not sure where to get started check out this podcast. It is called Emotional Intelligence and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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