Where Do You Belong?

Family Lying Upside Down On Sofa With DaughterBelonging is one of the deepest and most essential drives a person can experience.

As children, we are dependent on our families, friends and social environment to grow into happy and whole people. We belong with these people and their way of life unless we choose to define our own way of life.

As adolescents, we are compelled to pull away from those closest to us and connect to another social group. It could be a sport, a certain fashion and/or music style or even a complete shift of sexual identity.

In order to truly belong to and with others you must know yourself. Deeply knowing and caring for oneself is a challenge and one of the great gifts of life. Another gift is knowing and caring for those we feel connected to.

So, where do you belong?

Do you deeply care for yourself and those in your life?

Touching in with where and with who you belong is the final part of the Give Yourself a Hand practice.

If you have missed the last few emails, this practice is meant to help you go from “I can’t take this anymore…” To, “I can transcend fear, acknowledge my Ego, take care of my body and feel a profound sense of self love.”

Here is a link to part one of the practice. Believe me, this will be worth your time.

For this last step, after a thorough review of the first four, bring your attention to your little finger. In Chinese medicine, your little finger is like an antenna that seeks connection and belonging. The first four steps are meant to get you calm, present and feeling good about yourself. It is a funny thing about most of us, but we need to feel that we deserve to belong with those that share our deepest truths and aspirations.

It is your birth right to Belong, with a capital B, to all that exists. If that is a bit over the top for you then it is your birthright to belong in any group or relationship that you participate in wholeheartedly.

And that is the rub….

It is like magic formula. The more wholehearted you are, the more you will feel how deeply you belong in all of this. In First Nation’s culture we often say, “All my relations”. It is a way of acknowledging both our inherent connection to all Beings and our essential reciprocity in the relationship.

Belonging is both connection and generosity.

High Five!

High Five!

It does happen that these connections kind of fall into our lives, but mostly we have to put ourselves out there.

Give yourself a hand and let the challenges and consequences chill for a bit. They will always be there.

Give yourself a hand and focus on your successes and the lessons of your failures. And yes, the lessons will keep coming.

Give yourself a hand and give your body and health the respect that they deserve. If you want to see a change in your mind, start with your whole body.

Give yourself a hand and find a way to love yourself, and then trust the Mystics and LOVE yourself completely.

Give yourself a hand and feel the well spring of energy, emotion and passion that comes forth when you remember you are connected to everyone and everything.

It’s true! Quantum physics says so.

I hope this practice helps you come back to yourself in moments of overwhelm. It has helped many people turn their lives around by setting themselves free from the past. Think of it as unfreezing your life.


Free of habitual patterns of thought and belief.

Free of anxiety and panic attacks.

Free from depression.

Free to explore your life without limits.

Free to experience Spirituality any way that you want or need.

I love this practice. Writing about it the last few weeks has re-awakened this practice in my life.

And it feels amazing! So, give it a try.

Up Next: Rites of Passage: The importance of meditation and cleansing. Let’s make this spring a time of transformation.

This March: 10 Weeks to Abundant Health. A 10 week guided cleansing, weight loss and rejuvenation program. Interested? Check it out HERE.

Stay Present and Be Amazing!


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