What is Neuro Somatic Acupuncture Therapy?

Neuro Somatic Acupuncture Therapy® (NSAT) is an evolutionary and comprehensive approach to the treatment of physical pain, emotional distress and exhaustion. Some of the most erosive medical challenges that people face today.

The term Neuro Somatic refers to the inter-communication of our nervous system and our muscles, organs and sensations of our bodies. Recognizing this mind-body connection is important for two reasons. First, our health and sense of well-being are significantly influenced by pain, distress, and fatigue. Second, each of us is able to profoundly influence our health and healing with stress reduction practices, Spiritual practices, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

When focusing on treating injuries and chronic pain, NSAT treats not only the muscles and joints in pain but also all of the muscles that are actively trying to protect the injury, as well as the muscles that are strained by changes in posture. By reducing tension in all of these places simultaneously, patterns of nerve and muscle memory are more likely release completely. As well, NSAT works directly with the Central Nervous System to reduce muscle tension and inflammation while inproving sleep and tissue repair.

When working with emotional distress and trauma, NSAT focuses on deconstructing the embodiment of distress. Like easily recognizable facial expressions, each of us embodies our strongest feelings in recognizable ways in our body. It is instinctual to hold our feelings in when we are in danger, but that instinct assumes we will find the time and place to release those feelings as soon as possible. When emotional distress and trauma have been held back for a long time, we may need some help letting them move.

When assisting people with depression and exhaustion, NSAT combines the first two protocols while also putting a person into a hypnagogic state, which is a lucid dreaming state where we are half asleep and half awake. In this state our ability to heal, to resolve unconscious conflicts and to rest very deeply are at their full potential.

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