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Welcome to 2018 – Is This Your Year?

A New Year is an invitation to a new you – or is it?

I am sure that we have all experienced the New Year’s hype, made a resolution and then bailed because we did not have the willpower. Or, we just got bored…

Ever done that? Pretty sure we all have…

Here is a tough question, “Is your future strong enough for your past?”

So, Welcome to 2018. I waited until January was over to make sure you had time to do your best with your resolution – if you made one.

If you rocked it – YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

If not, please don’t be too hard on yourself. This idea that a new year, or some other random day like your birthday, is a chance for a new you – or a different you, or some new rules or beliefs will magically change whatever bad habits or self-limiting beliefs have been holding you back so far. I feel that is pretty much a dangerous idea.

It can work – but there is a secret.

So, back to my question – “Is your future strong enough for your past?

Let’s say that life is like driving a car. To get around safely, and not be a jerk, you have to look in all those mirrors often enough. You don’t check and…


If you look at all those mirrors too much – a pretty dangerous way to get around – somebody is going to get hurt – especially you.

Look at it another way. Speaking from personal experience living with Autoimmunity for 25 years, I probably spent the first 20 focusing on how bad it used to be and how careful I have to be just to live. Yep, 20 years of either walking backward, trying to stare down my nemesis or trying to move ahead while looking in the rearview mirror.

Being not as sick as before is not the same as being as healthy as you can be.

My question is all about that idea, the belief that we can change our whole life and self in a day – it can happen, just not often…

Let’s ask it another way – is the future you – that person who can keep it together and really stay focused on the better angels of your mind – is that you able to get past your past – or deal with the cravings for bread or booze or sugar?

There is only one way to find out – go have a burger (the bun) and a beer – and some ice cream – right?

The only way to know that you are finally done is to prove it – to go and do the bad thing one last time – right?

It is like an instinct.

Imagine that you and I are driving down the road and we come to an accident. There is cop cars, crowds, ambulance people everywhere and somebody with flashlights in their hands trying to get us through the gauntlet of broken cars and human bodies.

Let’s say you are driving and just as we come up to the person directing traffic, you feel an overwhelming compulsion to look out your window and see if there is a severed head, or some other body part lying next to that burning car.


We just ran into the woman with the flashlights. Ooooops

It is an instinct to know what the worst thing that can happen at any moment.

The moral of the story…
We all have a past. We all struggle to change our habits when they start to hurt us. Once any of us begins to gain some momentum in a positive direction, the part of us that wants to see how bad a situation is will try to find out.

The only way, in my experience, for your future to be strong enough for your past is to make your future about your future. Your past will always be your past. With some patience, humor, compassion, and forgiveness, you will have a much more enjoyable relationship with your past – AS YOUR PAST!

So, is 2018 Your Year?

Is this the year you will decide to completely shift towards the future you have been moving towards all this time?

Just like in all of the old stories – Don’t look back!

I am committed to doing whatever I can to support you this year!!  I will be sending you all kinds of fun ideas, learning opportunities and ways to participate more in the community of people that get my emails.

I am also committed to making the most of this year myself. I am going to publish 5 more books and a bunch of online courses. And a few other projects that are still in development.

There will be a live Q&A coming up soon – probably Sunday late February, in the early afternoon. If you are interested in attending live, or accessing the recording, just shoot me a quick email. If you cannot make it but have a burning question, again, just send me an email and we will answer your question on the webinar. If you want to be anonymous, also let me know.

Last Thing:

For the next few weeks, I am offering a presentation series on some of the most common and challenging medical conditions of our time.

The presentations are available in person or online.

Check it out here.

More to come soon…

Now For You. What is your greatest challenge this time of year?

Comment below, or feel free to ask a question or request a post topic.

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