Ten Weeks of Applied Meditation


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As a healthcare professional, I recommend that most of my patients begin stress reduction practices or engage in regular meditation. I make this recommendation because the physiology of stress and distress is a factor in 80% of chronic, degenerative and auto-immune diseases. The hormonal and immune molecules of disease tell a very deep part of the brain that the body is being attacked. The mind then produces internal conversations that try and find reasons about our lives that confirm the amount of distress we are feeling subconsciously.

Both, common sense and modern medical research, can tell you that people who experience anxiety, depression, insomnia, addiction and chronic illness are the same people who describe their lives as ‘very stressful’. And, both common sense and modern science will tell you that meditation is an ESSENTIAL component to reducing stress and improving your health

I have been an active meditator for over 40 years. I can say, without reservation, that meditation is the most powerful resource that I have ever encountered.

If you feel called to go deeper into this ancient and scientifically proven method of health care and personal growth, then please join this learning opportunity.


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