10 Weeks of Applied Meditation


This is a 10 week online training in Applied Meditation. You will learn Moving, Standing, Walking, Seated and Lying meditation practices. These life changing practices are sourced from Daoist, Buddhist, Indigenous and Shamanic traditions.



Why Meditate?

The practice of meditation goes as far back in human history as the experience of being confused. The need to focus the mind and become very aware of our environment, and ourselves, is as old as survival itself. Meditation is the natural antidote for confusion and stress. The busier and more intense life gets, the more we need a way to come down or come back to our more deeply aware and contented self. This doesn’t mean we need to meditate one hour for every hour we are busy. Rather, that we need to relearn how to respond to stress and confusion, to respond in a way that allows us to feel content. Being truly content is different for everyone, but stress and confusion are universal, especially today.

There are as many ways to meditate as there are minds who seek peace. Having said that, there are three very distinct branches of meditation to choose from. They are all essential to a complete and fruitful practice.

Just like the ancient Yin and Yang symbol, a complete meditation practice has an active/passive  or masculine/feminine mode. Neither of these qualities is superior, in fact it is the balance of both that generates the most consistent growth and healing.

If you are looking for fun excerpt from the course, check this out:


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