Digging Your well of Zen

Life gets stressful at times. Maybe it is just me…

We all have that day when we finally snap and act like our least favorite family member.

For some of us, it is traffic, for others, it is politics or money. There are a lot of reasons to feel a little freaked out these days.

What do you do to blow off some steam? Really, I am curious.

As a society, we seem pretty happy with what psychology calls avoidant and dissociative behavior. Just in case you want to sound sophisticated at a party. These behaviors look like substance abuse, dependence on Pharma-drugs, staying too busy to really connect with the people in your life. I could write a book…

In my experience, as a clinician, a parent and a human trying to adapt to the 21st Century; meditation is like a deep cool drink of some really clear water.

Hence the well metaphor.

Instead of writing a looooong conversation about meditation I decided to record a blog cast – or a solo podcast.

If you have about an hour to take a deep dive into what 40 years of meditation can show you about yourself and about life, give this a listen.

I hope this inspires you to find a meditation practice.

Who doesn’t want a bucket full of Zen?

Check it out here!


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