Functional medicine is leading medical science into the 21st century with open research, clinically proven therapeutic protocols and the most up to date lab testing available.

For any disease process to occur there has to be negative changes in one or many of the essential functions in the body. Functional medicine focuses on finding the sources of dysfunction (SOD’s) in each individual and returning each system in dysfunction  back to normal function. When there are systems in dysfunction there will be symptoms and any group of symptoms will eventually be diagnosed as a disease. Modern allopathic medicine begins with diagnosing a disease and then focuses on alleviating the symptoms. I know of people who have gone to a regular doctor and be told that they are not sick enough to be diagnosed with anything, so they are told wait until they are sicker and then come back. In my experience focusing on reducing the symptoms of a disease is less effective in the long run than resolving the root cause of a disease. It is also my experience that focusing on optimal health is the best way to avoid disease.

Unlike allopathic or Western medicine, Functional medicine does not focus on the diagnosis, but why in each individual the disease is occurring. Each individual will have a unique combination of these sources of dysfunction. Ten people with the same medical diagnosis may each have very different proportion of SOD’s. This tells us that each person requires individualized treatment strategies and that the length of treatment can vary greatly. It is always an amazing experience to review a patients lab tests and explain what is actually happening in their bodies. It is an incredible motivator in helping people change their diets and lifestyles aw well as seek proper treatments and take their supplements every day.

This has been my experience after 17 years of practice. Each of us is unique and the process of healing is different for everyone. Regardless of a persons diagnosis, the real investigation begins with discovering why it is occurring and what will work and what won’t.

Clinical Fees:

Initial Assessment, Consultation and Lab Testing: (75 minutes) – $150.00

Review of Lab Results and Specific Dietary and Supplement Recommendations: (1 Hour) – $75.00

30 minute Follow Up Consultation – $40.00

Acupuncture treatments are available at a reduced rate for my Functional Medicine patients.

This service is also available through Skype or phone.

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