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In my practice, I focus on treating complex, chronic, degenerative and autoimmune diseases.

As a clinician, I combine the leading-edge sciences of Functional Medicine and Ancestral Nutrition, with the wisdom and vast experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This combination of healing traditions helps me understand and respond to some of today’s most complex health challenges in a very comprehensive and effective way. Each of these healing modalities focuses on treating the ‘why’ more than the ‘what’.

I also encourage my patients to include stress reduction and/or trauma release practices like Somatic Mindfulness and Neuro Somatic Therapy to promote healing on the deepest levels possible.

What I Recommend...

  • Chinese Medicine assesses and restores the proper interaction of all of the organs and systems in your body.
  • Evolutionary or Ancestral Nutrition has clearly shown that eating the ‘old way’ can reverse a long list of modern ailments.
  • Functional Medicine is like Chinese Medicine with a microscope. With the availability of comprehensive and leading edge lab testing, your ability to be certain you are investing in exactly what your metabolism needs right now.

As a patient, I have spent the last 25 years living with Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, and Insomnia. I have tried everything that is out there and can say from many years of trial and error that recovering from chronic illness is a lifestyle of its own. Diet, exercise, supplements, stress reduction, rest, sleep and human connection are vital to health and even more necessary when recovering from a chronic disease.

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This is my passion as a clinician and as a patient with Crohn's Disease

What is Autoimmunity?

Are you on the Autoimmune spectrum?

The more creative and adaptable you are, the faster you will heal. (Make a Menu)

Youtube Playlists could help you be more adaptable. We all need mentors!

The more complex and chronic the condition(s), the more time and discipline it will take to get well again.

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What to Expect if You are Recently Diagnosed?

The more creative and adaptable you are, the faster you will heal. (Make an at home Menu)

Youtube Playlists could help you be more confident and creative. We all need mentors!

The more complex and chronic the condition(s), the more time and discipline it will take to get well again. Make a plan that is meant to last a long time.

Regaining your fitness and health, when science says that you will be weak sick and in pain the rest of your life, is possible. I have been in practice for over 20 years and have seen hundreds of people completely change their lifestyles and recover from diseases that some would say are untreatable.

The Ancestral Autoimmune Protocol – Diet Overview

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Most of our popular diet trends are in response to our unfortunate illness trends. If there has ever been a world champion of underlying causes for the modern epidemic of chronic disease, it is clearly Metabolic Syndrome. Also known as Syndrome X, this overall metabolic imbalance is caused by the perfect storm of stress, malnutrition, […]

Ten Weeks of Applied Meditation

Is It Time to Change the Way You Experience Your Life? As a frontline clinician, I see the ravages of chronic stress, pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression and/or insomnia in almost every patient I meet. Stress makes your immune system misbehave, it weakens your digestion, messes up your sleep and puts your liver and kidneys on […]

What is Ancestral Nutrition Really About?

Ancestral or Evolutionary Nutrition follows the understanding that humans have adapted to and, for the most part, thrive better on a seasonal and natural diet than we do on a modern processed food diet. Eating a Nutrient Dense and balanced diet has been seen to reverse many of today’s chronic health challenges. In fact, if […]

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